What is AcroYoga?

Acroyoga is acrobatics with a yogic consciousness. The essence of acroyoga is being in the moment in balance with another.




Where does acroyoga come from?

Acroyoga is a culmination of the human experience since the dawn of the human-race. For more info concerning the time-line of acroyoga click on this link



Can anyone do acroyoga?

Yes as long as you are physically active in some way and have no grave medical conditions, you will be able to practice acroyoga in one form or another. If you do not like to touch people though it will be problematic.



I like all the acrobatics but I don’t care for the yoga part, can I still do acroyoga?

It is called acroyoga because yoga is ½ of the equation. Yoga can help us when the ego starts to take over and we start obsessing about our future greatness and prowess and lose sight of the moment or why we are doing acroyoga.



What should I wear?

 You should wear comfortable clothing which does not reveal too much anatomy when you go upside down, bend over or spread your legs. Also avoid wearing any jewellery that can get tangled, cut skin, or get caught in the bases feet or hands. Avoid wearing heavy perfumes.



Do I need to come with a partner?

You can come with a partner if you feel more comfortable working with a familiar person. But in most classes’ people find a partner and change partners numerous times. It is good to change partners because it helps us develop tools to adjust to a new environment.  When we return to our familiar terrain with our regular partner there is a greater appreciation and respect for that partnership and also new insights gained from working with an unfamiliar body



Why would anyone want to do this?

It is a physical rush when working with a partner and you finally hit the sweet-spot where everything is effortless. It is also a cheap natural high and a great way to interact physical with another human being without all the media enhanced sexual overtones.



I’m very flexible does that mean I will be very good at acroyoga?

Yes and no. acroyoga at times can be very core-centric. If you have the strength to support your flexibility then you will be fine. If you are overly flexible then your challenge will be to focus on reining in your flexibility so it becomes an asset and not a burden. A consistent yoga practice that focuses on stabilizing all the core muscles of the shoulder and hip girdle and the trunk will bring more balance to your body.



I’m very tight does that mean I will not be good at acroyoga?

Tightness in the hamstrings will affect L-basing, but you can place a wedge or blankest underneath your sacrum to alleviate that. A consistent yoga practice will help you to increase your flexibility and learn to disengage the muscles that are not needed when doing yoga asana, or acroyoga body balancing.



Am I too heavy to practice acroyoga?

You can still practice but you might end up being a base until you can find someone your size or heavier to fly you. You can also try exploring distributing your weight on a smaller base on different ledges of the body, not just the hands and feet.



What is the perfect acroyoga body type?

The perfect acroyoga type body comes with a mindset that respects its body’s strengths and weakness and is willing to explore these strength and weakness safely with another human being or two.



What is the difference between American style and Canadian style acroyoga?

This is a tricky one. Both schools of acroyoga were formed without the knowledge of the other’s existence. Both schools have a lot in common, the love and use of yoga and acrobatics as a tool to facilitate and encourage human physical communication.

American style incorporates Thai yoga massage as a counter practice to the dynamic part of the practice. Canadian style incorporates restorative and yin yoga as a counter practice to the dynamic practice and the “creative process” as a tool to foster individual self-expression and creativity

The acroyoga practice is constantly evolving and drawing from many different influences



What should I expect in my first acroyoga class?

Your 1st acroyoga class is going to be a slow steady immersion into a whole new practice. A well prepared class that is sensibly sequenced that includes a large yoga component that is taught by a knowledgeable and certified teacher. The teacher should teach what they know, teach what’s in front of them and touch the heart of the student.


A yoga warm-up:  that incorporates Surya Namaskara (salutation to the sun) to create heat, warm up the muscles and start core integration.


Basic partner balances: that continues with the core integration and test strength in the arms and legs.

Spotting exercises:   safety cues and learning to work as a trio

Standing poses, Partner yoga, Creative process, Core containment exercises. Basic Stacking partner balances



What to avoid eating or drinking before acroyoga?

Eat at least 2 hours before a practice and avoid alcohol. A light snack ½ hour before like a banana or apple is o.k.  Remember you will be going upside down, so we want the contents in our digestive system to have evacuated the stomach.



People who should not do acroyoga?

If you suffer from vertigo, high blood pressure, any herniated discs, destabilized sacrum, and recent surgery, etc.... If you are unsure please consult your medical professional, physiotherapist, or your body worker.  One should always proceed with caution when trying a new activity



Will acroyoga change my life or save the world?

Yes acroyoga will change your life if you stick with it. Acroyoga is essentially trust, communication and balance between two or more people. Through the interaction and negotiation of these 3 elements we get a glimpse of the reactive and responsive patterns we engage in when dealing with people.


These insights reveal to us our strength and weaknesses and through constant observation and input from our partners we can start the process of eliminating all that is not true to our authentic selves (soul)


This process of self-observation while interacting with another human being is the catalyst to help us shift the perceptions we have of ourselves, families, friends, society and the world. It is this shift in perception from” I am I and you are you”     to” I am you and you are me” and then finally I am because we are (UBUNTU), that will start the process of change.



Is acroyoga just for hippies?

Even though at times acroyoga might seem like a hippy, drippy, trippy, peace –love affair, people from all walks of life practice acroyoga



Do you have to eat vegan, raw, macrobiotics, and fruitarian, vegetarian in order to practice acroyoga?

What you eat is your personal business. The food you put into your body will only affect your acroyoga practice if it stops your body from doing its job of elimination of toxins and absorption of nutrients and energy.



Does practicing acroyoga contradict my religious affiliation?

Only if your religious affiliation discourages physical contact with family, friends or strangers that might lead to states of bliss, sometimes confusion and frustration, and an overall feeling of interconnectedness with fellow humans and Mother Earth.

If not then let’s fly!!!!



Long live acroyoga in all its forms and expressions

© acroyogamontreal 2019