Level 2 is about innovation and the development and refinement of a truly unique personal acroyoga vocabulary and the ability to teach that new vocabulary to others. Level 2 is refining our personal yoga practice to a place of deep profoundness that allows us to begin the process of eliminating all that is not true to da soul to reveal our authentic selves and respond and relate to others from that place. Leadership and innovation and a committed passionate yoga practice are the qualities we expect all level 2 certified to manifest. In level 2 we make the transition from followers to innovators of the practice. Lots of in-reach for outreach. We examine our place in the bigger picture and how we can affect change locally and worldwide by understanding the dynamics of oppression and privilege. Along with this deepening thought process we delve into a more advanced yoga and acroyoga practice. Part of what makes a level 2 certification unique 1s the follow up requirements. (There is homework!) Finishing a level 2 program does not guarantee a level 2 certification unless the following criteria are met.






Be a level 1 certified Acroyoga Montreal teacher. No one will be admitted to level 2 who has not done a level 1 training.



Level 2 Certification requirements:


To be submitted within 12 months of completing your level 2 teacher training:

  • Create and submit an original acroyoga flow (3-5 minutes). “Original” entails creating and developing a unique vocabulary of expression that we have not seen before. Please submit your flow by You-Tube, We Transfer, Drop Box, Goggle Drive etc…
  • Community outreach and initiative: Using acroyoga techniques, your innate skills and the skills you have acquired in the TT to create change on whatever scale is appropriate in your neck of the wood. Demonstrating the strength of your place in your community and your willingness to be a leader and pioneer.  We would appreciate any documentation you can forward us depicting your community initiative, however we realize that is not always possible. In that case a brief description of your project will suffice.
  •  Examples; create an open jam and master it with confidence and safety. Take acroyoga to places it has not gone before and is vitally needed. Become a mentor and get in where you fit it. Use acroyoga or the acroyoga philosophy in conflict resolution where/when appropriate.





Long live acroyoga in all its forms and expressions

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