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A Love Note to Acroyoga Montrealall community items >
 Lucy St. John 
Thank you for teaching me your art and coming on the journey with me. In four weeks, I didn’t always want to but you required me to show up everyday for morning practice and demonstrated the power of commitment, determination and dedication. You also demonstrated the power, of a fit body and clear mind.All I can say is: Core, baby!

You attracted all the colourful people I like to be around and made me feel welcome and accepted.When things got tough, you encouraged me to go for it, making me believe I could do it, and… I did do it! You made me laugh with your commentary on life and remember that we’re in this together. “Ri-iight!!” ~Jesse. Because in life you gotta play to keep your spirit alive! You let me see your radiant light and sometimes your shadow.You taught me the building blocks for how to create my own acro moves and all the amazing possibilities from which you can be inspired. Just like you when you created Acroyoga! Eug, thanks for bringing the B-boy, the music and mostly, the yogi to the practice. Jesse, your keen observation of the special qualities in others told me you saw the best in us while keeping it real. read more.
kneeling victory

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