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The AcroYoga Montreal TT helped me to consolidate some fundaments of the AcroYoga path I would like to keep walking, as well as brought me a teaching and learning methodology that was really organized and useful to my personal practise and to my classes as a teacher.
About us
Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg met in 1982 at a dance school called “5678” in Montreal. Their journey together as the duo Special Blend ( 1983- 2004) has taken them around the world, performing their unique fusion of dance, acrobatics, mask work , martial arts, contortion, object manipulation and audience participation.

AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. The seed for AcroYoga was planted in 1998 with the introduction of Yoga into the Special Blend Repertoire. They coined the term acroyoga in 1999 to describe their movement fusion of acrobatics, dance and yoga.  It took full bloom in Winnipeg (Manitoba) during an early morning hotel room Jam Session, 12-4 am, with Daniel Aubin of the Acromaniacs (an acrobatic duo from Hamilton) in March 2003. After exchanging insights and techniques, we concluded that Yoga and Acrobatics have a common ground; “being in the moment"

The application of bandhas (internal locks) dristi (gaze) ujiay breath (sounded breath) and vinyasa flow (synchronization of movement with breath) to a partner acrobatic practice gave birth to Acro Yoga. Incorporating aesthetics from various dance forms ( B-boying, (break and street dance) – modern – jazz – ballet, improvisation, and mask-work) gave birth to AcroYoga Fusion: the fusion of AcroYoga with dance aesthetics. Being ‘in the moment’ and in balance with another person is the essence of AcroYoga.

AcroYoga Montreal’s mandate is: The evolution of AcroYoga beyond its traditional flow and movement through the fusion of the form with other movement arts and techniques (i.e. dance, b-boying [break dancing], and martial arts) to create a contemporary aesthetic that knows no boundaries or forms yet represents the body in motion in all its expressions. Just like b-boying, AcroYoga will become an attitude and lifestyle – not just steps or forms, but an ever changing chameleon that adapts to the practitioner and their environment. Long live AcroYoga…...



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AcroYoga Montreal Teacher trainings 2020
with Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell and Heidi Blais
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