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Sally Meredith
Inspired by AcroYogini and dear friend, Einat Bardea, July 2013 had me undergo the month long teacher training with AcroYoga Montreal, in the vibrant and festive French Canada. This marked the beginnings of an incredible Acro adventure, full of travel, street performing, acrobatic training and teaching! Along the way I practiced and taught with many different people. Each new acrobatic relationship formed had me learning sooo much about myself! That is one of the main things I love about this practice of AcroYoga!

AcroYoga is acrobatics with yogic consciousness. The yoga side of the practice for me is about my connection to breath, to my body and it’s movements, to my partner, and to whatever the practice itself stirs up in me. It is a practice that brings me to my edge on so many levels! read more
on the edge

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