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Move over hot yoga, AcroYoga is taking offall community items >
Tegan Osborne
A new form of yoga incorporating acrobatics is gaining popularity in Australia.

And although it looks challenging, those who practise it insist most people can do it with the right instruction.

AcroYoga has been around since the mid-2000s.But the practice took the media spotlight earlier this year, when Lena Dunham - star and writer of the HBO series Girls - began posting photos of herself on social media, doing extreme yoga poses while balanced on a friend's feet.

There are two types AcroYoga: one which originated in Montreal in Canada and includes an element of dance; and another that has its roots in California in the United States, which incorporates Thai massage.

The founders say it is the perfect antidote to a world where real human connections are increasingly lost in a sea of social media.


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