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Eugene Poku
“Master many things but be a master of nothing”

“Jessie and I have 3 children and own and operate a yoga school. Our hobby and passion has been Acro-Yoga.It is very sacred (and fun) to us when we do have time to celebrate this art form. Our form of AcroYoga has morphed organically out of our dance. We didn’t create anything new all we did was put our personal expression on movement forms that already existed and remembered sequences that have been in the universe since the beginning of time. To claim ownership of an organic process is against everything we stand for.”
-Eugene Poku & Jessie Goldberg.

This list like all history is subjective. Just because it isn’t documented doesn’t means it didn’t happen. There were and are individuals in this world who should be on this time line but I have never heard of them so I cannot list them. I apologize for this. If anyone has information and documentation of anyone else who should be on this list please contact me.
-Eugene Poku

Year: 1938
Description: Some basic backbends.
Link: Krishnamacharya AcroYoga Video

Year: 1985
Developer: Benjamin Marantz
Description: It is a combination of massage with acrobatics. He laid the groundwork for all the basic flying transitions.

Contact Yoga
Year: 1980’s
Developer: Ken Nateshvar Scott
Description: Laid the foundation for the therapeutic aspect of partner/acro-yoga.

acroyoga montreal (AYM)
Year: 1999 Term AcroYoga 1st used in Canada by AYM
Year: 2003 AcroYoga Fusion 1st used in Canada by AYM
Developer(s): Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg
Description: Variety performers who were influenced by yoga and acrobatics, combining these styles into their dance art to form what is today called Acro-Yoga.

Acro-Yoga Inc.
Year: 2003 practice was called ContactAcro
Year:2005 name changed to AcroYoga
Developer(s): Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein
Description: Influenced by circus and contact yoga, developed a form that became known world wide as Acro-Yoga.
walk in
with Jessica Golberg and Eugene Poku
September 21, 2019 ::: 10am - 2pm.

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