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While it all started in front of the TV in the 90’s wearing neon spandex, practicing yoga with her mom, Chris’ yoga practice has in many ways come full circle. Chris’ personal practice is grounded through meditation, compassion, and creativity. Based in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Chris is passionate about building community, fostering trust and communicating honesty. Acroyoga provides an engaging opportunity to share our personal yoga practice and consciously relate to others as the amazing human beings we are through supportive communication, immense trust and curiousity! Chris’ Acroyoga classes are playful, supportive and focused on developing sensitivity. The restorative healing practice of therapeutics support Chris through her own journey and as a facilitator of Therapeutic flying and Thai Massage she extends this service and gratitude. Through conscious touch, non-verbal communication and personal expression we continue to move through our complex world. Whether it’s just your average day or a showy performance, it’s not surprising to see Chris donning ridiculous costumes, or some snazzy neon colours.
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