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Colin Bacsik knows how amazing Acroyoga is and he will leave you touched and inspired with a love for this transformative practice and a new community of friends. Acroyoga is about taking your yoga practice to new heights and extending beyond what you think is possible physically, mentally and emotionally.

Originally from Edmonton, Canada Colin now travels the world teaching and spreading his love for acroyoga. He has studied acroyoga extensively in Montreal, California, Mexico and back home in Edmonton and has developed a unique style and teaching method. His intention is to promote instinctive practice and creativity in students, developing body awareness, sensitivity, communication, and compassion

"My goal is for people to play, have fun, and grow by learning to trust, communicate, and explore their edge in a safe, supportive, and accessible environment… all while building connections and community. Acro changes people, it not only pulls you out of your head and into your body, but more importantly it pulls you into your heart…besides, it's so badass."
on the edge

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