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Free acroyoga classes
with the 2017 acroyoga montreal teacher trainees
July.15. 22. 29. 2017.
Come learn the fundamentals of acroyoga for free
Community / Blog

This page features practitioners of the acroyoga practice, personal experiences with acroyoga and the impact we can have within our lives, our community, and the world through this amazing "touch reclaiming" practice
AcroYoga Montréal's new space is opening
in September 2016
Finally there is a space dedicated to acroyoga in Montreal! Acroyoga Montreal is proud to announce the opening of their new acroyoga playground.
Calling Out to the Community
AcroYoga Montreal teacher training in Montréal July 4-30, 2017
Rooms, flats, and/or houses are wanted for Acro yoga teacher trainees from out of town
Jessie and Eugene’s Metamorphosis in 2016
Change is in the air
After a joyous twelve years contributing to the Ashtanga Yoga Montreal community, Jessie and Eugene is taking the next leap of their careers
J&E story
Jessica Golberg and Eugene Poku
a brief history of Jessie and Eugene
AcroYoga and Stepping into the Unknown!
 Sally Meredith 
Inspired by AcroYogini and dear friend, Einat Bardea, July 2013 had me undergo the month long teacher training with AcroYoga Montreal, in the vibrant and festive French Canada.
A Love Note to Acroyoga Montreal
 Lucy St. John 
Thank you for teaching me your art and coming on the journey with me.
Eugene Poku and Jessica Goldberg
Long live acroyoga in all its forms and expressions!
acroyoga timeline
Eugene Poku
a short history of acroyoga
Move over hot yoga, AcroYoga is taking off
Tegan Osborne
A new form of yoga incorporating acrobatics is gaining popularity in Australia.And although it looks challenging, those who practise it insist most people can do it with the right instruction.
with Jessie Goldberg & Eugene Poku, assisted by LudiMilla Cançado
October 12-15, 2017

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