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Dimitra Britton is an AcroYoga instructor in Calgary with a passion for full body functional movement. Her excitement for AcroYoga began 3.5 years ago and ever since she was introduced it has become a part of her every day practice. Her love for Acro comes from the fine balance that it provides between strength, mobility and flexibilty. The ability to express ones self through movement in sync with another body provides a window of opportunity both internally and externally.
Dimitra loves sharing her passion for AcroYoga and after years of personal practice and growth decided to take the month long teacher training through AcroYoga Montreal. This incredible training experience provided not only the fundamentals of yoga, acro and various forms of expressive movement, it also focused on the aspect of instructing people in this beautiful practice. Since completing the training, Dimitra and her partner Miles Kroeker have begun to offer classes through Calgary Yoga Studio South as well as at World Health. Spreading the joy that comes along with practicing AcroYoga is of great importance as she is involved in various volunteering positions; hosting jams, providing demo's and volunteer based teaching in partnership with Rocky Mountain Acro.
She is excited to keep moving forward with her own practice, taking workshops and classes to learn from peers and coworkers in her community. Her and Miles are also available to provide instruction and support to those interested in getting more involved in this community.Keep Practicing, keep playing, keep inspiring!
Be one
Heidi Blais & Jill Campbell, Ruslan Khalilov & Saar WoutersHeidi Blais & Eva Brovinsky,
August 15 – August 18 ::: 9.00 till 18:00

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