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Residence: México
My name is Eduardo Pérez, but my friends and family call me “Lalo”.

I have practiced rock climbing and canyoning for the last 15 years. Also made ascends to the volcanoes in Mexico, Rugby Player and enthusiastic traveler.

My path to healthy living started in 2011, after a very intense career in the corporate world being owner of TUVISA.COM.MX a company that provides visa services for travelers. The first encounter with this new life was to coordinate a Permaculture introduction work shop with Tiago Ruprecht – Permaculture technician by Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil. The work with Pachamama attracted new knowledge about rituals of the Huichol indian tribe in Mexico, Thetahealing by "Vianna Stibal" work shop with Elias Sarkis, Quartz healing with Ortencia Rodriguez Platz, and Trophology therapies with Donnato de la O from the "Instituto Nacional de Trofología AC", Vipassana retreit at "Centro de Meditación Vipassana en México Dhamma Makaranda"

Acroyoga came to my life as the top of my training. With practice it became more clear the connection of meditation and body work for a more present and joyful self. After I met Jessica and Eugene in Acro expressions Mexico 2013, It was certain that my path would take me to the teacher training program in the summer of the same year at Asthanga Yoga in Montreal, Canada. I thank my teachers and partners because it became my passion to share and teach the Montreal Technique.

I have been teaching classes in Monterrey, Mexico at Circoteca studio and doing workshop for Sacred Spaces Village at Burningman festival.

My Yoga is to focus on one thing only with all your existence and to keep that attention for as long as possible.


May all beings be liberated

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