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Elisa Mar is a free-spirited artist who is a natural mover from inside out and that from a young age she has felt the need to defy gravity. She brings to AcroYoga a diverse background in dance, theater, circus, gymnastics and visual arts, which she incorporates into a dynamic practice from a physical and spiritual awareness to express her body and emotions.Elisa Mar, a woman with a committed engagement to the world has plunged the AcroYoga as a tool for social change, work for gender equality and where harmonious relations, creativity, and innovation are promoted among all to encourage synergy and deep connections.Born with the gift and passion for teaching, she has enriched her practice with playful and participatory pedagogy studies and bring about a fun and collaborative environment that allows each person to feel empowered with new discoveries of their being at their own rate on an inner and collective consciousness.Elisa has taught AcroYoga for three years in Mexico in several classes, festivals and workshops, and has worked in collaboration with other teachers, deeply exploring creative methods of teaching. Now you can find her in the AcroTravels around the world.
on the edge
Jessie Goldberg & Eugene Poku
December 13-15, 2019

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