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Residence: Santa Rosa, California

Emily Wilkinson is a family physician and public health advocate who finds her highest truth in the stillness of mother nature. She has been a yogi for over 10 years, and is recently rediscovering the power of meditation, both in its moving and sitting forms. She discovered AcroYoga in her desert birthplace of Arizona, and quickly became her teachers' regular performance partner and assistant during workshops and classes. She adores the dynamism and creative expression born through the practice, and feels most alive when on stage as an artist.

It was an encouraging inspiration to discover Jessie and Eugene's expressions of AcroYoga, and she completed their teacher training with them only to immediately begin offering classes in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Previously a member of the performance troupe Flight School Acrobatics, Emily has shared this playful art everywhere from beach towns in Uruguay to urban streets in Brazil. She has taught workshops with her husband, João Paulo Pereira, in Argentina, Brazil, and the United States, and looks forward to the journey together in the future.

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