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Yoga teacher, Acroyoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist.

Yoga teacher, Acroyoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist.Following the wonderful experience of the civil service in 2005, in 2009 I decided to graduate as a Director of Community at ITC Scaruffi / Levi of Reggio Emilia.
From that moment I decided to change my life and get closer and closer to everything that puts the person in the foreground.

Finding more and more attraction and charm for everything related to the holistic in 2012 I participate in meditation sessions.
In 2013 I meet my current life partner Alice Giliberti, and with her I take my first steps in this fantastic world. In 2014 I started to practice Yoga as a student of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga first at the Ashtanga Yoga Center Modena and later with the teacher Vania Passini at DeshaYoga, where I still practice.

In June 2014 I took part in an Acroyoga workshop with Jeson Nemeer, founder of Acroyoga International, at the Barcelona Yoga Conference and from there it was love at first sight towards this discipline.
In September 2014, with Alice, I took part in the first Italian Elemental Immersion by AcroYoga, with teachers such as Jacopo Ceccarelli, Pau Castellsague, Francesco Semino and Sonia Lynda.

In May 2015 I took part in the first Italian Solar Immersion of Acroyoga, learning more acrobatic and specific techniques of this discipline directly from the founder of Jason Neemer, with the collaboration of Jacob Headwerker, Tari Mannello and Yohann Guichard.
In July 2015 he attended the first level course as a Teacher of Thai Yoga Massage with Maestro Ivan Medici.

In August 2015 I attended the Intensive course for Yoga teachers certified 200 RYT at the school Samadhi a.s.d. with the masters Jacopo Ceccarelli, Stefano Berti, Massimo Gatto and Cristian Testa.
Appassioneandomi more and more to the yogic world, over the years I have attended courses, seminars and retreats with teachers of national and international level as: Piero Vivarelli, Elena de Martin, Alberto Vezzani, Jacopo Ceccarelli, Timo Jimenez, Danny Paradaise.

This training trip takes me to India in January 2016 to achieve the international certification of Acroyoga teacher, studying and working with international Yoga and Acroyoga teachers such as Bonnie Argo, Oliver Chamorro, Yamuna Devi, Caroline Cohene, Jacob Handwerker. Valeria and Francesco Semino, Surya Lapastina.

With India a deep love is established and from 2016 every year in January and February I will return to organize retreats and seminars but above all to continue my yogic training by studying with Ashtanga Vyniasa Yoga teachers as Ajai Kumar, Shiva Prakash at Sthalam 8 in Mysore, Surinder Singh teacher si Hatha Yoga at Swasti yoga in Rishikesh, Kamal Singh insegannte of Ashtanga Vyniasa Yoga at Tattvaa Yoga school in Rishikesh and Ashish Sharma Teacher of Iyengar Yoga at Himalyan Yoga Academy in Rishikesh.

In the meantime, every year of the year from 2015 to today I participate in Acrobatics and Verticalism festivals like the Duth Acrobatic Festival in the Netherlands, studying with teachers like Bart Venne, Tiko Venne, Kirsty Stuart, Paolo dei Giudici, I Nani Rossi, Duo Ola and Mari, Circus Ravioli, Duo Die.

In April 2018 I took part in the teacher training of Acroyoga Montreal at bergamo studying with the teachers: Eugene poku, Jessie Goldberg (Founders of the AcroyogaMontreal method), Heidi Blaisi, Jill Campbell, Francesco Semino, Valeria Maggiali.

Discovering a particular propensity to stand upside down, I invent and personally build vertical kits suitable for all lovers of verticalism.
Lover of 'inclusiveness' and the' abatment of every type of barrier possible in the academic years, 2016 / 2017,2017 / 2018, at the school complex Scaruffi / Levi / Citta 'del Tricolore we propose and we get the opportunity' to propose a course during the school hours, of inclusività 'doing working together boys normodotati and boys autistici using like bridge the yoga and the acroyoga, obtaining excellent results.

Since 2016 I am in the organization of the W.A.P. festival, a traveling festival of Acroyoga, Yoga, Acrobatics that offers the sharing of their skills in order to give space to anyone who wants to teach their discipline without any kind of limit.

Drummer and percussionist by vocation and by passion sound within the Moscova group, proposing exclusively self-produced pieces, playing throughout Italy and in major independent music festivals.

Together with my partner Alice Giliberti in 2016 we started Acroyogashanti.
Solar person, resourceful and enthusiastic researcher, intent on spreading love in all its aspects to propose a different model of life and sharing

Contact me at:
Instagram: Curlyhaired85
Perching Frog

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