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My life has been full of life to say the least. I have done many things, yet I’ve not done an inverted iron cross on the still rings. Flows are ways to fill words of a spoken language, a way that water moves, fills the grooves and the moments of moving our 80 some percent sack of water that we are. So how can we flow these bodies?
I’ve always moved my body, an active character. While doing yoga at my friends shop, I was introduced to acroyoga. And it hooked me. I still remember my first day, and the line I said when I was done. “I want to do this everyday till I die.” And I have been pursuing that dream/goal ever since.
In pursuing this goal I started to slackline, among trying to take as many classes, workshops, and immersions in acro. Then, I got certifed in Iyengar/hatha yoga. And many people said that I would be a good acro teacher. So, I have, and always will, pursue the knowledge of and the practice of this wonderful lifestyle.
This lead me to become a certified YogaSlacker teacher. Which is slacklining, yoga, acroyoga and yoga on a slackline in a nutshell.
And tailed off that teacher training to head up to Canada, and did the Montreal AcroYoga teacher training.
I feel confident of what I know and feel solid, yet know, I have a lot more to learn. Always being a student even when a teacher.
Much respect, many thanks and am very greatful for all the people and teachers that I have learned from, trained with and played with! Thank you so much! I wouldn’t be here without you.
Hope to see you in this wonderful life of movement.
Much love and play!

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