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"Giulia Sarah Alessandra Gibbon
I graduated from “Università degli Studi di Milano” in 2013, while studying drama, and later specializing in stage combat, acrobatics and circus.
In 2015 I co-founded “Terzo Tempo Ululì” in Milan - Bovisa, a space for circus, dancing and theatre, where the shows of my own theatre company, “ZEITNOT”, founded in 2014, are also produced.
Here I discovered AcroYoga as the perfect union between physical performance and relationship with others.
In 2018 I took my AcroYoga Montreal first level Teacher's Training Course.
I love this style in particular, as it satisfies my artistic side, and keeps us always aware of the fact that we do not perform and create only for ourselves, but to defend and promote beauty and community values everywhere we go.
Today, I work as an actress, direction assistant, dramaturg and translator, mime, performer and stunt for events, operas, screen and theatre, as well as teaching acrobatics, acroyoga, drama, horse riding and vaulting.
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