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Residence: Montreal,QC.

Heidi specializes in the development of innovative partnering based on principles of alignment and breath inspired by her practice of Ashtanga yoga and slacklining. As a teacher, Heidi loves to witness the panoply of students’ expressions as they experience their bodies in new ways! She draws from her background as an architect to structure her classes and guide movers from a wide variety of disciplines into partnering, from foundational technique, through to creation and choreography.

With Jill Campbell, Heidi has been performing and teaching across the Americas over the past 5 years. Fluent in several languages, Heidi and Jill routinely teach workshops in English, French and Spanish.

An integral member of AcroYoga Montreal since certification in 2011, Heidi is now honoured to co-teach its annual teacher training and immersions alongside mentors Jessica Goldberg and Eugene Poku.


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