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Jackie Dragon is a certified yoga teacher, Yogaslacker, AcroYoga (MTL) and teacher and has a passion for teaching acrobatics, slacklining, yoga, and the creative process behind all physical forms of movement and partner work. He currently resides and teaches with his partner, Rachel Dragonfly, in San Diego, California. His love for Acro Yoga and creative expression drove him to complete the AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training in July of 2011 and share Jesse and Eugene’s practice with everyone he meets.He has trained with Murshida Moumanie Kadre and Mursshud Van Merlin for the past 5 years in various style of yoga practice, including Tibetan, Hatha, and Kundalini. He believes that spiritual practices are the inherent right of all sentient beings on the planet.Jack is also a partner and former director of Liberty Advance, a 165 Acre retreat center in East San Diego County where he studies, trains, and host various yoga programs and detoxes. Aside from having a daily practice, Jack is interested in growing the sustainability of the community at Liberty Advance and uniting yoga teachers across San Diego as a means of transmission of these ancient and modern traditions.
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