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Some of Jacob's first memories are of his parents teaching him the subtleties of sun salutations while playing in the park. Since his early days he has continually returned to the mat as a way of sustaining a holistic, balanced life. His decision to become a yoga teacher is rooted in his passion for helping others to overcome their own personal challenges. Throughout Jacob’s yogic journey he has found that yoga can be an empowering tool to unearth the deeper layers of the self. His belief in yoga as a pathway for truth and health permeates his teaching style and inspires his students. His enthusiasm to teach AcroYoga stems from the deeper connection to the community, playfulness, communication and trust that AcroYoga lends it's self.
Jacob is Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor and has been teaching Vinyasa flow and AcroYoga for over five years.
As a kitesurfer, mountain biker, runner, and overall outdoor enthusiast, Jacob is grateful for the enriching experience yoga lends to the rest of his life. He is playful in exploring yoga as a pathway for increased creativity, greater personal awareness, communication, and balance.

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