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Janaina (Brazil) is a movement lover, dancer by nature, Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Acroyoga instructor, and dedicated body therapist. She stepped into the Yoga world by the age of 21 as a practitioner and this love-at-first-site passion turned into a serious relationship when she decided to deepen her studies within this ancient Philosophical system by taking her first 200hr YTT. As the curious and dedicated student she is, after that she never stopped diving deep into the Yoga studies and other related practices. Having more than 1.000hrs of Yoga Teacher Trainings and numerous certifications, Janaina has been travelling around the world and sharing her knowledge of Yoga and body movement practices, either by teaching at studios, hostels, echo villages and healing centers or by volunteering for social projects to help bring the Yoga teachings to those in need.Since her childhood, she had practiced many kinds of body movement practices like olympic gymnastics, ballet, jazz, aerial silks, ballroom dances, etc. Completely immersed and interested in the body movement and expression scenario, she discovered Acroyoga in 2014 and fell in love with it. She has been studying it since then and believes in Acroyoga as a powerful tool of healing and transforming human relationships towards a better world.She discovered with AcroYoga Montreal the possibility of exploring the challenging dynamic of acrobatic and the creative fluidity of dance while practicing the principles of Yoga. She is passionate about combining different bodily expressions and practices with the awareness and wisdom of Yoga, as she perceives the body as a vehicle for deep revelations and revolutions. As she considers every human being unique in their form of expression, her work is dedicated to encourage people to find their authenticity through their chosen practices. Her passion for Yoga and body expression shines through in everything she does.

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