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"Janaina is a Brazilian yoga instructor; massage therapist specialized in Thai Massage and acroyoga instructor. Yoga crossed Janaina’s path when she was a teenager and this love-at-first-site passion turned into a serious relationship in 2017, when she started her Yoga Teacher Training with IEPY, a Yoga Institute representing the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute (India – Lonavla) in Brazil. Since her childhood, she had practiced many kinds of corporal disciplines like olympic gymnastics, ballet, jazz, aerial silks, ballroom dances, etc. Completely immersed and interested in the body movement and expression scenario, she discovered Acroyoga in 2014 and fell in love with it. She has been studying it since then and believes in Acroyoga as a powerful tool of healing and transforming human relationships towards a better world. In 2018 she moved to Australia to continue deepening her studies within yoga, acroyoga and massage therapy.
So stay tuned for classes, workshops and jams in Byron Bay! 
Introduction a l'AcroYoga avec jesssie et eugene
avec Jessie Goldberg et Eugene Poku
le 21 sept., 2019 ::: 10h à 14h

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