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Resdience: Montreal,QC.

Back in 2007 Jill wandered into Ashtanga Yoga Montreal after having dabbled in partner balance with fellow circus practitioners. When she saw Jessie and Eugene practicing AcroYoga she knew she'd found her passion.

A long-time yoga practitioner, and an appreciator of movement, art and dance she began a journey that has brought her community, travel, and connection, not to mention strength, balance and flexibility. She considers AcroYoga a moving meditation and values strongly the relationships that develop by way of this shared experience. Jill loves to draw back to the midline while teaching and training stabilization and fluidity in safety, yet she also pushes boundaries when creating flows and movement art.

Jill and her main flight partner,  Heidi Blais , have a duo called Acroyogals. They are enjoying instructing and performing internationally. She is eternally grateful to have trained and played with so many amazing partners and teachers. Blessings.
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