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I found yoga... or perhaps more correctly, yoga found me in 2008 and I have been a constant practitioner since. First yin yoga, and shortly after acroyoga (with a side of ashtanga yoga along the way) my practice has changed my approach to life. It brings an authenticity to connections that is much needed in this modern world; after all 'yoga' means 'union'.Yin, and the associated inner meditative practices connects me with myself, giving me tools to understand who I am and my place in the world.Acroyoga brings an authentic connection with the people around me in ways that can be so hard to find—a sharing of physical and emotional spaces. This gives rise to a joyful playfulness that fuels my zest for living.Having recently moved back to Whitehorse, YT, I am excited to share these practices, and to build an open, safe, and sharing community where we can learn about ourselves, and make true and authentic connections with others. Namaste!

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