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" Most people, I would hope, feel passionate about something. For my mother Kerstin, this passion lies within the creative movement. (However, writing texts that involve promoting herself is something she’s perhaps a little less passionate about.)

Ever since my mother was young, she challenged herself to try all sorts of physical activities. Back then, she would practice as a dance cadet while simultaenously studying martial arts. She even participated in and won many Judo competitions. But dancing has always been a part of her life—be it as a stage dancer for salsa and flamenco or as a dance instructor for salsa and tango. (Though she told me that personally, in her heart, her favorite dance will always remain the Mambo.) For the past few years (since 2007 to be exact), my mother has been working as a yoga instructor. She does not simply instruct yoga however, she has integrated yoga into her life as a way of being. My mother’s love for Acro Yoga was sparked through various circus disciplines such as trapeze, rings, straps, and working as a children’s circus coach. Not to mention a particular video from Jesse and Eugene.

While my mother may have difficulties putting pen to paper to write, she certainly soars when it comes to having genuine and personal encounters with those around her. In her lessons she effortlessly incorporates her creativity as well as her attunement to her body and movement to breathe new life into her practice. The way I see it, that’s what she is made of. My mother manages to draw upon the joy of the creative process and sees in every single person as having an individual story—and thus creative process—within. She has the talent and intuition to respond to her students with an open mind and an open heart. Whoever’s curiosity and interest is now sparked, it’s time to turn that interest to action and sign up for a class! "

- Dilara Roth, 21, Proud Daughter-

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