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AcroYoga Montreal Teacher trainings 2020
with Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell and Heidi Blais
various times
Acroyoga Montreal, come for the tricks and knowledge, stay for the wisdom and love!
Level 1
Level 1 Acroyoga Montreal Teacher Training. ( 100 hrs )


This Acro Yoga teacher training intensive will give participants the tools to teach the fundamentals of static acrobatic, partner body balancing; intro to seamless and dynamic Acro Yoga transitions and the creative process of Acro Yoga Montreal.

100hr Level 1 Content:
16 hours -   Intermediate / Advanced Acroyoga Technique
15 hours -   Yoga / Physical Preparation / Asana Theory
10 hours -   Technique 1 (Beginner Repertoire)
10 hours -   Flow Practice and Perfectionment
 6 hours -    Teaching Practice / Lesson Preparation
 5 hours -    Creation / Guided Creative Process
 4 hours -     Hand Balancing / Handstanding
 4 hours -     Privilege and Oppression Awareness
 4 hours -     Games and Game Strategy
 3 hours -     Assessment and Diagnostics
 3 hours -     Safe Space, Ethics, Community Guidelines
 3 hours -     Open Jams / Guided Jams
 3 hours -     Anatomy
 3 hours -     Movement / Warm Ups
 2 hours -     Injury Prevention / Longevity in the Practice
 2 hours -     First Aid Protocol
 2 hours -     Core Stability and Stretching
1.5 hours -   Sequencing Theory
1.5 hours -   Dance Technique
1 hour -        Performance / Presentation
1 hour -        Find the Voice
TOTAL-       100 hours
(Hours are subject to change based on the necessities of the group)

Acro Yoga Montreal Teacher Training Level 1 Requirements
  • participants should feel comfortable upside down
  • hold a tripod headstand and handstand comfortably against the wall
  • hold plank pose and chaturanga dandasana with relative ease
  • participants should have an ongoing AcroYoga practice (300+hours)
  • be comfortable basing and flying basic AcroYoga balances
  • have a consistent yoga asana practice 2-3 x per week for a mininum of 2 years
  • be comfortable teaching an hour long yoga class; a teacher training certification is not necessary.
  • most important of all a good “sense of humor”!!


All applicants must submit (or give us a link to) a video of themselves executing the "Teacher Training Requirements",  and teaching a 15 - 30 minute yoga or movement class of their choice

1. Teacher Training Requirements (all of it)

2. Teaching a 15 - 30 minute yoga or movement class
Submit a video of yourself teaching a 15- 30 minute yoga or movement class of our choice to a minimum of 3 people. We want to see your teaching capabilites.

The 2 Acroyoga Flows ("Hanumanasana flow" and "Victoria Hall Flow") do not need to be submitted, but should be practiced in order to get a feel for the Acroyoga Montreal style and to prepare you for the rigors of the teacher training. We appreciate it is not always possible to have a dedicated partner to practice with to learn these flows, so do your best to familiarize yourself with the Montreal style

1. Victoria hall Flow up to 1min:23 sec.

2. Hanumanasana Flow Part 1 ( all of it )

Montreal Application Form

AcroYoga Montreal Teacher trainings 2020
with Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell and Heidi Blais
various times

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