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Level 1
Level 1 Acroyoga Montreal Teacher Training. ( 100 hrs )


This Acro Yoga teacher training intensive will give participants the tools to teach the fundamentals of static acrobatic, partner body balancing; intro to seamless and dynamic Acro Yoga transitions and the creative process of Acro Yoga Montreal.

100hr Level 1 Content:
16 hours -   Intermediate / Advanced Acroyoga Technique
15 hours -   Yoga / Physical Preparation / Asana Theory
10 hours -   Technique 1 (Beginner Repertoire)
10 hours -   Flow Practice and Perfectionment
 6 hours -    Teaching Practice / Lesson Preparation
 5 hours -    Creation / Guided Creative Process
 4 hours -     Hand Balancing / Handstanding
 4 hours -     Privilege and Oppression Awareness
 4 hours -     Games and Game Strategy
 3 hours -     Assessment and Diagnostics
 3 hours -     Safe Space, Ethics, Community Guidelines
 3 hours -     Open Jams / Guided Jams
 3 hours -     Anatomy
 3 hours -     Movement / Warm Ups
 2 hours -     Injury Prevention / Longevity in the Practice
 2 hours -     First Aid Protocol
 2 hours -     Core Stability and Stretching
1.5 hours -   Sequencing Theory
1.5 hours -   Dance Technique
1 hour -        Performance / Presentation
1 hour -        Find the Voice
TOTAL-       100 hours
(Hours are subject to change based on the necessities of the group)

Acro Yoga Montreal Teacher Training Level 1 Requirements
  • participants should feel comfortable upside down
  • hold a tripod headstand and handstand comfortably against the wall
  • hold plank pose and chaturanga dandasana with relative ease
  • participants should have an ongoing AcroYoga practice (300+hours)
  • be comfortable basing and flying basic AcroYoga balances
  • have a consistent yoga asana practice 2-3 x per week for a mininum of 2 years
  • be comfortable teaching an hour long yoga class; a teacher training certification is not necessary.
  • most important of all a good “sense of humor”!!


All applicants must submit (or give us a link to) a video of themselves executing the "Teacher Training Requirements",  and teaching a 15 - 30 minute yoga or movement class of their choice

1. Teacher Training Requirements (all of it)

2. Teaching a 15 - 30 minute yoga or movement class
Submit a video of yourself teaching a 15- 30 minute yoga or movement class of our choice to a minimum of 3 people. We want to see your teaching capabilites.

The 2 Acroyoga Flows ("Hanumanasana flow" and "Victoria Hall Flow") do not need to be submitted, but should be practiced in order to get a feel for the Acroyoga Montreal style and to prepare you for the rigors of the teacher training. We appreciate it is not always possible to have a dedicated partner to practice with to learn these flows, so do your best to familiarize yourself with the Montreal style

1. Victoria hall Flow up to 1min:23 sec.

2. Hanumanasana Flow Part 1 ( all of it )

Montreal Application Form

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