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I am a lover of movement. I turned to yoga years ago to find balance within the world of collegiate sports. Yoga brought me back to breath. Since then, I have continued to explore different forms of movement, such as biking, running, hiking, hooping and dance. Most recently I have become intrigued with exploring movement in collaboration with others, and combining various movement modalities. These experiences and curiosities brought me to Acro Yoga. I have been practicing, playing, learning and teaching as much as possible. I began co­teaching two years ago in my small community of Arcata, California, after recognizing the absence of Acro Yoga in this creative community. I appreciate that Acro Yoga encompasses working in collaboration with others; building trust and integrous communication. I believe that these are qualities the world needs right now. I see Acro Yoga as an incredible tool for healing and growth, and will continue to teach wherever my path may take me. Stay tuned for the next adventure!

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