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I was introduced to yoga in India while hanging out with the sadhu-babas and yogis. I had no idea it would eventually lead me to Acroyoga. And who knows where it will lead in the future. I love music, story and discovery through play. Yoga is the place I go to connect with myself and every day is different. Whether it's mindfulness, a physical workout, or an experience of devotion and surrender, it’s a place for me to Play, Grow and Be myself.

My Acro class is a place to reconnect with your innocent, childlike self while challenging the adult in you to find the balancing edge.
I try to live by the concept of Sthira and Sukha- Effort and Ease. Sailing on the edge of these seemingly opposite concepts is where we find the still point.

Come get re-vitalized through laughter and physicality while breathing together in community. All levels welcome!
I currently teach and play in Vancouver and often travel across North America teaching my workshops in Acro, Ayurveda, Mula Bandha and Vedanta. Go to to find my schedule
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