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Emanuel is a Montreal based artist who has a 22 year history of working in the circus arts as a performer, collaborator, choreographer, artistic director and producer. His entry point into the world of circus was via street performance culture in Europe and upon his return to Montreal he formed Manu C’yrk, a street focused performance art company integrating dance, circus, physical theatre and live sound fx. The Manu C’yrk company has toured and performed for ten years through North and Central America.In 2001, he co-founded the Carmagnole Cabaret, an outdoor circus festival showcasing experimental circus performances that blur the lines between performers and festival participants in its open invitation to dress up and join in the festivities. Emanuel has been the artistic director of the festival for the past eight years. He has led and directed numerous creation processes: Vertigo , Italy-2014, The Big Top opening event for the Ecuadorean government-2013, La Caserne end of year show-2012, Les Érotisseries (2014, 15) and works globally as a trainer of trainers in Social Circusfor CDS, CDM and is a regular teacher at the Ecole Nationale du Cirque and En Piste for the Social Circus program.Emanuel roots his creation interests in open questions that are refined for specificity throughout a creative process which mines raw material through physical research while deeply considering what kind of realtioships we are developing with the performance space and our spectators.
face to face
Montreal AcroYoga festival
June 18 – June 24 ::: 10am - 7 pm

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