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Marc is a pure open channel of cosmic guidance and universal healing. He is a bridge between worlds. He is a seer in the dark. He is a balancing act between worlds. And choosing to share with others that same feeling of complete wholeness and deep connection with nature, through the regular practice of 'Self-Love', changing of negative belief systems, and making conscious choices with focussed intention, is the simple nature of his life work.

Marc harnesses, within his sacred toolbox of Heart Energy Medicine, the Indigenous Soul of all ancient wisdom teachings and traditional native cultures of the world. In his unique traditional-modern styled private and group sessions, workshops, and ceremonies, he roots, merges and blends together the powerful and natural, creative and ancestral, beautiful gifts of sacred sound and movement combined with deep, intuitive, spiritual, artistic expression; the same magical gifts we’ve all been blessed with and already have access to once we remember how.

An Initiated Graduate from a wide selection of different World healing modalities, spiritual tools and techniques; Thetahealing, Sacred Sound Healing, Vipassana Meditation, Qiqong, Tai Qi Quan, Yoga, AcroYoga, Acting, Reiki, The Munay-Ki Rites, The Medicine Wheel, and Transcendental Rebirthing, to name but a few. Marc has studied and practiced numerous personal growth and health traditions for over 15 years.

Marc received a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 2003 and was initiated into the Native North, Central and South American shamanic energy medicine practices between the years 2008 and 2013. He has studied with many wise men, shamans and sages, learning tools such as Soul Retrieval, Illumination work, Shamanic ceremony and healing, guided voyages and medicine plants, seeking knowledge and light.

Marc experienced multiple near-deaths in his 20s in his shamanic vision quests and world travel adventures, which catalyzed his visionary gifts as well as his desire to live life to the fullest. Since then he has been driven by his heart and passion to inspire people, create a stable family home, find the secrets to true happiness, and to help people create better lives and a better world for themselves and for each other.
Jessie Goldberg & Eugene Poku
December 13-15, 2019

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