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Change is in the air
After a joyous twelve years contributing to the Ashtanga Yoga Montreal community, Jessie and Eugene are taking the next leap of their careers. Acro-Yoga Montreal has grown into a thriving community worldwide. To nurture Acro-Yoga on a bigger scale, Jessie and Eugene are slowly transitioning from Ashtanga Yoga Montreal and letting their lives feed their big Acro-yoga baby. We celebrate their move, change and growth. And Ashtanga Yoga Montreal has grown exponentially from their love, intelligence, joy and inspiration. Ashtanga Yoga Montreal will always be a home base to them when they need it.

Over the next month, Jessie will be teaching her classes. Come in, appreciate her, take her wonderful classes, and give her a hug. At the end of January, they are teaching great retreats and workshops around North America.

A personal note from Jessie and Eugene -
Over the years of change, successes and adversities, Ashtanga Yoga Montreal has been our home base. We are leaving our directorial posts at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, and we support the transformation of Ashtanga Yoga Montreal 100 %. As we travel the world to teach, we will stay connected to the montreal community and Ashtanga Yoga Montreal. We simply want to say, stay true to yourselves, listen deeply to your intuition, see the signs in your lives that are calling you to change, and cultivate a grace that nurtures friends everywhere.With love and deep respect,

Peace Out,
Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku

face to face
with Jessica Golberg and Eugene Poku
September 21, 2019 ::: 10am - 2pm.

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