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"Morija's interest in body and mind has always been a central part in her life. Since she was little she always liked to move – gymnastics, swimming, running, climbing, dancing and yoga was part of her daily routine. With 19 years old she started her professional career as therapist: After graduating from psychology studies, she added a three year education for body therapy to fully understand the connection and interaction between the human mind and body.
Eager to explore cultures she has lived in many countries of the world and travelled to even more. Her passion is to unite the world with humor and playfulness. All these things (sports, mindfulness, yoga, intercultural philosophy) she saw combined in Acro yoga, which became her peace and energy, excited to pass it on. That’s why Morija decided to become an Acro Yoga teacher in Montreal in 2018. At the moment she is travelling the world with her partner Nino Kronawetter and would love to share her knowledge and wisdom with everyone interested, regardless of background and goal.

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