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Nino grew up exploring a wide variety of sports – starting with skiing, biking and hiking to climbing. He simply enjoys spending time out in the nature and share these experiences with friends. Making his passion of sports a professional career, he became a certified physiotherapist to work with a diverse spectrum of patients in Austria and Switzerland. Now already for many years, Yoga played a central role in Nino´s daily routine to strengthen body and mind. Besides sports and nature, travelling was always an important part in Nino´s life. Seeking for more adventure, he now travels the panamericana with his partner Morija Bönning, living in their van. Since 2018 he is an Acro yoga teacher, certified in Montreal, and is looking forward to teach in different countries of the world.
Perching Frog
avec Andre Newman et Eugene Poku
le 13 -14 avril 2019 ::: 9h à 17h

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