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"Born in August 14 of 1961, in Sao Caetano do Sul- Sao Paulo, Brazil, Odilon Monteiro Bonfim, had his first experience with Yoga in the 80’s while practicing martial arts. During his trainings Odilon used to do some asanas (yoga poses), but misinterpreted as daily routine of Tayando- Brazilian Martial Art. Later, he did his Bachelor’s in Law, and became a Criminal Lawyer. Also, studied and became a professional Psychoanalytic with specialties in Religion Psychoanalysis, Childhood Psychoanalysis and Love Compulsion.
In 2011, at the age of 49, he started practising the true Yoga, and Tantra philosophy at Prakriti Yoga, with Vitor Lino, where became a Yoga coach. He also studied Hatha Yoga at Nucleo Shivalaya, with Osnir Cugenotta. Recently, engaged in expand all his knowledge in Acro Yoga, he has concluded his vocational Acro Yoga Teacher Training Program, by Acro Yoga Montreal, on its first team in Brazil.

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