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Olga's whole life has been revolved around the arts. A professional concert pianist until 2011, she uses music for its therapeutic power and ability to awaken all kinds of emotions. She discovered yoga while being a karate athlete and got certified as a yoga and pilates instructor while living and working in America. Feeling her multiple injuries melting away led to the decision that yoga would be her lifetime partner.

Her teaching style incorporates elements from various disciplines like dance and tai-chi and encourages everyone to teach their body to move in different ways. She calls her teaching style "Move The Yolga Way" ( which represents her interpretation of Yoga.

She discovered Acro Yoga a few years later as part of a circus training program. For her, Acro Yoga Montreal represents the perfect fusion of strong and elegant movement with enough artistic flair to reach extraordinary heights of creativity.

Her Greek temperament is evident in everything she does and aspires to be like her 95 year old grandma who is the epitome of well-being and happiness.

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