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Passionate about art and dance all my life, since I was little I tried different types of body movement and team sports. 4 years ago I discovered yoga and acroyoga that opened the doors to a new world, where everything fit in my ideals, strength, flexibility, breathing, creativity, expression, play, community. At 18 years old. I started a trip to Southeast Asia where I learned about cultures and their knowledge, I strengthened my personal and spiritual practice and decided to become certified as a yoga teacher (Australia) and Thai massage (In Thailand)Since then I have dedicated all my time to the practice of movement and body balance, so this year I decided to become a teacher of acroyoga Montreal (Brazil), where I reconnected with my greatest passion, thanks to the great inspiration of my teachers Jessie and Eugene. I hope that my students can enjoy and express movements adapted to each type of body and their own limitations, feeling in balance with their peers and their own being, returning to play with freedom, conscience and without judgment
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