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Saar Wouters is a born artist, dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, experienced shiatsu masseuse and innovative AcroYoga teacher.Yoga came on her path in the year 2001, during one of her travels to India and it became an inseparable part of her life. Originally started with Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, she moved on teaching and practicing, combining the gained knowledge with her versatile and personal input.Long before Yoga, since her childhood, she had this need in expressing herself throughout art and movement. Saar studied theater, drawing, dance and also graduated in orthopedagogics. Later on, all of that brought her in touch with circus and performing arts. Throughout countless performances, she kept growing professionally as an artist and created her own fire dance theater - ‘MovingFireArts’.Her strong fascination for movement, arts, human interaction and yoga, brought her in touch with AcroYoga. Saar’s tall appearance, gracefulness and a high sensitivity for the process, motivates flyers to take off and brings bases with ease into their center center.Nowadays, together with her partner, Ruslan Khalilov, she is one of the leading figures of the AcroYoga scene in Belgium. Inspired by and certified in Montreal, their AcroContactYoga group keeps spreading the Arts of AcroYoga as far as possible.
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Jessie Goldberg & Eugene Poku
December 13-15, 2019

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