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Sara has always had a passion for movement, adventure, and exploration.  Growing up in the little community of Pie Town, New Mexico she never missed an opportunity to climb and swing in the trees, scramble through boulders and caves, or ride her bike over homemade wooden ramps.  Sara has since become an avid traveler and outdoor adventurer, a lover of foreign language and culture studies, a dancer and a dedicated yogi. She found AcroYoga while interning in ecotourism and sustainability in Costa Rica. She immediately fell in love with the practice and its endless possibilities for human connection, playfulness, and creative expression.

Sara sees AcroYoga as empowering and transformative, and is continuously inspired by the way it brings people together, finding strength in themselves and in one another. She loves to see the joyful surges of energy people experience when they first learn to balance and fly, to go places they have never gone before, and achieve things they may have never thought possible.  In her practice, and teaching she strives to share the incredible moments of bliss that are found through yoga, AcroYoga, dance, or any other movement practice with people around the globe. Sara also loves to perform, and when she is not teaching, she is dreaming up new adventures, performance pieces, and ways to share her passions with all that she comes into contact with.      

Sara believes that in life we are all students as we are all teachers, and that in each day, in each experience we are forever learning and sharing with those around us.  It is through this sharing process that we as individuals and communities can find true freedom, growth and progression.
Tipping Butterfly

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