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with acroyoga montreal teachers
Bruno Garrote - Brasil

The AcroYoga Montreal TT helped me to consolidate some fundaments of the AcroYoga path I would like to keep walking, as well as brought me a teaching and learning methodology that was really organized and useful to my personal practise and to my classes as a teacher. The light, but extremely professional and technical way in which Jessie and Eugene develop their research and their material inspire not only for the simplicity in the transmission, but also for the deep alignment and body consciousness that took years to be achieved. For me, both of them rescue elements often forgotten in AcroYoga, which are the breathing, listening and the creative and pleasurably expression of one’s own body. They invite us to be present in every moment, be in the most challenging and vigorous moments or in the most playful and relaxed ones.

The concern with the well-being and the inclusion of the other is a trademark of this style. As I see, the aim of AcroYoga Montreal isn’t to conquer tricks, be able to reproduce flows/combos, do handstand or whatever other acrobatic stunt. The aim is the development of autonomy and the possibility of moving together with other people, in a search for authentic and liberating expressions that exists in all of us, in a not only bodily, but also of one’s own consciousness expansion. The physical stunts come with practise, as a consequence. If the is no listening, there is no yoga, no dance, no massage, i.e., there is no awareness for the here and now that only rises from doing nothing, from the unpretentious way of simply being in pause without anxiety or intention about;what's the next step? If there isn't listening or serenity, it only remains some acrobatic or performing technics whatsoever. And, therefore, the practise would become just another path of competition and conquers after conquers without getting nowhere, always being dissatisfied for not being the best.

For me, AcroYoga Montreal is understands that there will always be someone “better or worse” than you, depending on the perspective you or other people choose to look at it. The motivation shouldn’t be to better, but to be more present. The more present you are, more the practise becomes serene, the more the practise settle and the more you will touch others for a real, profound and internal change, independently of your acrobatic level. If you are searching for a style that brings serenity, concentration and constant self-reflection, beyond the fantastic tricks that some of us really do, hehe, I would strongly recommend AcroYoga Montreal




Leo Aton, Brasil

"Eu amei tudo, foi incrível, parece que ganhei super poderes, meu corpo mudou, minha mente mudou, e creio que meu espírito também. Eu faria isso o ano todo, é melhor que academia, melhor que psicologo, amei porque não foi somente um ensinamento de postura e atividade física, eles dão suporte para como atuar depois do curso, e como é ser um professor de verdade, e como agir com seus futuros alunos, pra mim a melhor experiencia da minha vida, agradeço a todos que me ajudam e muito a participar dessa vivência. eles são muito mais que professores são seres muito evoluídos, sabem o que fazem e como devem atuar para que as pessoas entendam o querem passar sempre com muito amor e alegria, vou ser grato o resto da minha vida por isso, que com certeza foi um divisor de águas na minha vida, mudou muito minha vida daqui pra frente, e com certeza vou honra-los por tudo o que fizeram por mim." Léo Aton

"I loved everything, it was incredible, it seems that I gained superpowers, my body changed, my mind changed, and I believe my spirit too. I would do it all year, better than gym, better than psychologist, I loved because it was not only a teaching of posture and physical activity, they give support to how to act after the course, and what it's like to be a real teacher, and how to act with your future students, for me the best experience of my life, thank you all who help me They are much more than teachers are very evolved beings, they know what they do and how they should act so that people understand that they always want to spend with much love and joy, I will be grateful the rest of my life for this, which was certainly a watershed in my life, has changed my life a great deal from now on, and I will certainly honour them for everything they have done for me." Leo Aton


Iva Takami, Brasil

Acroyoga makes me feel life in an explosive and intense way, and this has changed me forever. For this, it makes sense to believe in acroyoga as a tool to change the world. About the teachers, impeccable is still a word that does not translate, but that every form approaches my feeling with relation to all aspects (communication, presence, love, attention, didactic, teaching, technique...). I have participated in many Immersions, never had so much impeccability and mastery before." Iva Takami

"Acroyoga me faz sentir a vida de uma forma explosiva e intensa, e isto me mudou para sempre. Por isto, me faz todo sentido acreditar no acroyoga como ferramenta para mudar o mundo. Sobre os professores, impecáveis ainda é uma palavra que não traduz, mas que toda forma se aproxima do meu sentir com relação a todos os aspectos (comunicação, presença, amor, atenção, didática, ensino, técnica...). Já participei de muitas imersões, nunca tivera tanta impecabilidade e maestria antes." Iva Takam


cat catches it's tail
with various teachers
September 1- December. 31, 2018

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