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Todd Delauneall teachers >
Residence; Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Todd's path to acro yoga began oddly enough with adventure racing and triathlons. The intensity of racing required balance which opened the door to yoga as an injury prevention stretch class. Quickly yoga became much more; through it he found peace and quiet and a whole different perspective on strength of mind and body. In 2003 he received his 200 hour Teacher Training program (and later his 500 hour in 2008). Yoga transformed his life completely as he changed careers from software engineer to teaching yoga. On the way he discovered acro yoga in 2006 leading him to train with both the .org and .com crews. He received his acro yoga teaching certification in 2010.

Todd has been teaching acro yoga since 2007 and has developed the Atlanta Acro Yoga community. He hosts weekly acrojams at his home and teaches classes and workshops in the southeast. He also performs regularly in Atlanta with numerous groups. Please check his website for further information.
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